Email Hygiene

Email hygiene is the process of removing bad email accounts from email lists. Our Email Hygiene process first removes mal-formed addresses, and then verifies the email address exists by “pinging” the address. Then email addresses are checked against our database of hundreds of millions of known bad email addresses.

Removing Bad Email Addresses

When an email cannot be delivered to a subscriber’s inbox for any type of permanent reason, it is classified as a hard bounce. Hard bounces happen when sending to an invalid domain or if the subscriber services blocks the delivery. Email addresses with hard bounces should be removed from email lists to protect your email sender reputation.

What is a soft bounce?

When an email cannot be delivered to a subscriber’s inbox for any type of temporary reason, it is classified as a soft bounce. Some reasons for soft bounces include full inbox, email server is down, or email is too big. These should not be removed.

What does it mean to maintain your reputation?

Email hygiene will help your brand maintain a positive reputation among consumers, as well as among email hosts. Sending to non-existent addresses or to spam folders is very damaging to your IP reputation. When you damage your IP reputation, deliverability among email hosts decreases. Bad email addresses can give your email a poor reputation, meaning fewer find their way into the recipients’ inbox. While email addresses decay at the rate of 20% per year, you can have a list that is always clean through our email hygiene process.

Arrive in the recipients’ inbox rather than the spam box’s Email Hygiene processes give you a clean list. This allows your sender to have the best sending reputation possible, which causes your message to arrive in recipients’ inbox.

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