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Millennials and Direct Mail Marketing


millennials direct mailMillennials and Direct Mail Marketing

As it turns out, Millennials love receiving mail. Not just birthday cards from grandma, but catalogs, coupons and even bills.

A recent study by the United States Postal Service and Summit Research found that “Millennials enjoy it when they receive mail– even MORE than non-Millennials.”
In fact, 50% of the Millennials who took part in the study “like to discover what the mail brings every day and consider time spent looking at and reading mail time well spent.” However, Millennials end up receiving a lot less mail than any of the older generations. Perhaps this is why they are more excited to receive mail in the first place?

The study is forcing businesses to reexamine direct mail and how it can make an impact on younger consumers.

Who is a Millennial, Anyway?

A Millennial is defined as someone who was born in and between the years of 1976-1998. At the time of the study (February, 2016), that would make Millennials 18 through 39 years old. Older generations mail habits were studied in the research as well. These included: GenX-ers (40-59 years old) and Baby Boomers (60-79 years old).

Marketing to Millennials via Direct Mail is so “retro-chique”
Retailers and other businesses looking to extend a hand to Millennials via direct mail better scoot up a chair and take notes. The study offers a ton of great information for marketers and business owners alike.

It reports that Millennials are more likely to scan all of their mail, rather than just discard it without reading. This is great news for online and/or brick and mortar retailers. This means you have an attentive audience when you send out catalogs, coupons and special offers. Especially if you offer a product or service that is geared towards a Millennial audience. Knowing that they will actually take the time to read the mail sent to them makes it more compelling for marketers to craft a targeted message with the recipient’s name on piece of mail.

Millennials are also more likely to show mail to others, as opposed to the Gen-X and Baby Boomer generations. This means that they are more likely to pass along a company’s catalog or save a coupon or special offer for a friend.

Local Businesses – Listen Up!

Most importantly, Millennials think local businesses should use mail more often. Let’s be honest, in this over-saturated world of coupon codes, emails and Facebook ads, sometimes it is just nice to receive a personalized mailer for the coffee shop down the street. It says, “Hello neighbor… nice to see you!” and is guaranteed to get their attention…and most likely their business too.

Time to jump

With direct mail being the ‘comeback kid” of marketing in recent years, maybe it’s time for your business to take another look at reaching out with mail.
If you’ve seen stagnant results from your digital marketing as of late, it might be time to think about adding direct mail to your campaigns.

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Source: Phil Vinnedge- USPS, Conducted by Summit Research March 2016 – USPS Customer & Market Insights

Direct Mail Marketing Tips for 2016

Direct Mail Marketing Tips for 2016

Great marketing is about creating relationships as well as conveying a message.

Direct mail provides the opportunity to deliver highly-customizable and unique messages to customers and prospects. Overall, with the data that exists today, it is not difficult to create a marketing message that is targeted or personalized.

There are many ways to develop and build relationships through direct mail.

Applying a clever message and/or strategy to your direct mail medium will always yield an impressive return on investment.

Some examples include:

  • Divide and concur direct mail coupons and offers by geographical regions
  • Send personalized ‘special occasion’ direct mail including birthday, congratulatory and holiday cards
  • Develop existing relationships by offering a donation to a non-profit for professional feedback

The most important rule to remember is to make sure you stand out from the direct mail clutter.

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Brand loyalty lies in targeted direct mail marketing


Brand loyalty & direct mail

More businesses are realizing that direct mail marketing tactics have the potential to boost brand sentiment and strengthen customer mail marketing, databaseusa blog

A recent survey by Citipeak Productions determined that seven out of 10 consumers feel more loyal toward a brand after purchasing a product or service through a direct marketing approach. Nick Johnson, managing director of the firm, explained that this increased brand loyalty is a crucial objective for marketing strategies because it implies long-term impact on revenue from consistently increased profit.

“To build brand loyalty, you need to build relationships with your customers,” he stated. “This relationship is built through face to face sales because it is much more personal than other forms of marketing and selling.”

Direct mail marketing requires careful planning for success, however. Grant Johnson, Chief Marketer contributor, outlined some marketing tips for devising these strategies. The most critical points, according to Johnson, are the mailing list and messaging content. He explained that effective direct marketing depends on going back to the basics of having a deep understanding of all customer segments, and customizing offers and content so messages resonate more strongly with each individual’s preferences and desires. By personalizing these campaigns, consumers are more likely to take action.

Johnson suggested that businesses conduct the most testing on mailing lists, followed by offers and messaging. Creative testing should begin with trying out different copy while maintaining the same layout, since words are primarily what incites a response. Once strong copy has been developed, marketers can experiment with different formats and elements comprise the most attractive design.

According to Johnson, timing is also a key factor to consider since it can determine whether a message inspires a purchase or gets ignored entirely. He explained that businesses should analyze the results of previous campaigns and ensure that messages are seasonally relevant. Additionally, marketers need to consider how often messages are sent out so subscribers do not get overwhelmed and irritated. Nick Johnson of Citipeak asserted that making direct mail marketing a priority is crucial in the oversaturated marketplace.

“Brand loyalty is the backbone of any successful business,” he explained. “We live in an ever increasingly global market, and consumers today have so much choice.”

While marketing efforts have become distributed through new channels of communication, direct marketing can demonstrate to clients that their unique preferences are still valued, thus securing loyalty. By focusing on direct mail marketing, campaigns can become more targeted and efforts more measurable for continually improved strategies.



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