88 Million Voter Registrations Now Available from DatabaseUSA.com

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Voter Information Becomes Even More Valuable After Election

Omaha, NE – (April, 2017)

DatabaseUSA.com, the leading provider of full-service database and email marketing solutions, is excited to announce another database enhancement – the addition of 88 Million Voter Registrants to its existing database of 240 Million Consumers.

With over 88 Million records, this database of Registered Voters includes complete name and address, date of birth and phone number information. In addition, this file includes the Political Party affiliation of each registrant to make targeted marketing efforts more effective.

“After our historic election, the public is enamored by the political process and seem to identify with a particular political party more than ever before.” said Mark Richard, Sr. Vice President of Data Compilation. “By adding this detailed enhancement to our current files, we have given our customers the ability to add another layer of finite targeting and definition to their marketing efforts”

For more information or to purchase this file, call Tim Pinkerton at 877-407-0101 or email tim.pinkerton@databaseusa.com.

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