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12.5 Million Small Business Databasesmall business database

Small Businesses, defined as businesses with less than 500 employees, currently represent 99% of the businesses in the United States. Since small businesses often have fewer employees, more times than not, they tend to outsource business to venders and contractors.

Our Small Business Database includes selections by:

    • Types of Business
    • SIC Codes
    • Franchise / Brand
    • Geographic Area: State, County, Zip, City or Area Code
    • Professional Specialty
    • Employee Size or Sales Volume
    • Or any combination of selections to target the prospects that you value most

These leads are prime prospects for:

    • Banks
    • Accounting & Payroll Services
    • Website & Graphic Designers
    • Printing Companies
    • Office Product & Supply
    • Recruiting Agencies

Include small business into your marketing and advertising plan today to develop long lasting relationships and profitable growth.

We offer 2.3 Million Female Small Business Owners

Ideal for targeting more than 2 million female executives and small business owners. Their need for office products, travel services, personal services and high-ticket gifts make them perfect prospects for everything from computers to spa retreats. Plus you can narrow your search to specific industries or titles only.

8 Million Home-Based Businesses

Thousands of professionals are jumping the corporate ship and opting for the freedom and flexibility of the home-based business. This is the fastest growing segment of our economy with tremendous buying power. We have built a specialized list of these valuable, yet hard to reach, businesses – over 1 million of them. Ideal for anyone selling courier services, telecommunication products, computer equipment and much more.

250,000+ Growing Businesses

Growing businesses need more products and services every day. As they grow, their wealth and buying power does too. This list of key contacts provides prospects to sellers of commercial real estate, building contractors, human resource services, marketing and web development services and others.

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