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Business Database

15 Million Businesses
Our database of 15 Million Businesses is the only 95% Accurate & Triple Verified Database available. With databases of over 15 Million Businesses, 12.5 Million Small Businesses, 22 Million Executives & 6 Million Professionals,® compiles the most comprehensive & up-to-date information. Offering over 40,000+ New Businesses per week,® helps you get fresh leads to drive more sales. Learn more about® Business Database here.

40,000+ New Businesses per week!
New Businesses need you! The start up phase of a new business is a busy time. They’re looking to establish relationships with reliable vendors and require a variety of services & products on a day-to-day basis. Learn more about® New Business Lists here – with 40,000+ New Businesses per week!

Consumer & Homeowner Database

245+ Million Consumers — 150+ Million Homeownersnew-homeowners
Our Consumer Database was created to provide a comprehensive range of information that is selectable to your particular needs. With over 245 Million Consumers and over 150 Million Homeowners, this valuable file allows you to refine your leads by hundreds of different selection criteria. Learn more about® Consumer & Homeowner Databases here.

60,000+ New Homeowners per week!
When people buy new homes they spend a lot of money on decorations, new furniture, electronics, appliances, landscaping, insurance and home improvement services. Learn more about® New Homeowner Mailing Lists here – Updated Weekly!

Choose from hundreds of Consumer & Homeowner selections including:

    • Geography
    • Marital Status
    • Ethnicity
    • # in Household
    • Presence of Children
    • Home Value
    • Home Sale Date
    • Length of Residence
    • Single/Multi Family
    • Lifestyle Selects
    • Mail Order Buyers
    • Pet Owners
    • Donors
    • Plus, many more!

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