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We know the value of accurate email lists, and our data experts make sure your email marketing experience is successful.

Trust® for one of the Most Accurate Lists of U.S. businesses® offers a wide selection of business emails with some of the most up-to-date records. In addition to our business leads, we have detailed information on business executive emails and consumer email address lists.

You can also refine your business email list target market by geography, type of business, SIC Code, employee size, sales volume, executive title, job function and many more selection criteria.

You help us build the search criteria from the very beginning – so your list is precisely tailored to who you want to reach, each and every time. This is what makes® a leading provider of business and executive email lists in the database industry.

Business Email List Search Criteria

We offer hundreds of search criteria selections, and each one is made to help you find new customers!

Target Your Email List by Geography

You can target your audience by state, county or metropolitan area (MSA), Zip Code, radius around an address and, of course, the entire United States. You can also filter by latitude and longitude, congressional districts, and census blocks.® makes it simple for you to locate your customer through geographic targeting.

Select Email Records by Type of Business

Choose your business email list by business category or type of business. If you are looking to reach out to select industries such as Retail, Manufacturers, Wholesale or Business Services – we can identify the exact business email list to fit your criteria.

Find Business Emails by SIC Code or NAICS Code

SIC or Standard Industry Code is a government designation to classify all business establishments. We can help you select by specific SIC codes or a combination of several SIC Codes for a comprehensive business email list. We also offer business email list selects by NAICS code, which is similar to an SIC code, but covers the entire North American continent. Additionally, SIC/NAICS codes can be classified as “primary”, and “secondary” which can help narrow down your business email list search criteria to better target your marketing list.

Business List Selections by Sales Volume and Employee Size

Pinpoint your ideal prospects by selecting business sales volume. This allows you to find businesses that are the appropriate size for your sales specifications. Select your email list by employee size to refine your target market. For example, if you don’t need to sell to businesses that have less than 25 employees, you don’t have to. Additionally, you can tailor your list of emails using employee size ranges, such as over 100 employees or between 10 and 50 employees.

Additional B2B Email List Selections:

Do you need a more complex business email list?® offers the ability to choose a highly targeted business email list. Looking to find all clothing manufacturers in California with an employee size range of 100-300 employees? Or restaurants in NYC’s 5 Burroughs with sales exceeding $1 million annually? We can do that and make it simple for you to find your specific business email list.

More Email Selections to choose from:

    • Multiple Executives
    • Number of PCs
    • Square Footage
    • Advertising Expense
    • Technology Expense
    • Office Equipment Expense
    • Rent Expense
    • Telecom Expense
    • Accounting Expense
    • Business Insurance Expense
    • Legal Expense
    • Utilities Expense

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