Data Enhancement Services

Enhance Your CRM Database, Add Insight to A Customer File, Standardize and Update Data & Scrub Your Internal Database.

Data Enhancement

Customer List Validation & Enhancement

Find more prospects that match the profile of your existing customers and add these new prospects to your CRM system. Enhancing your customer file with demographics, psychographics, and firmographics helps you develop your targeting criteria to expand your market. Learn more about® Customer List Validation & Enhancement Services.

Postal Processing & Qualification

  • Postal Qualification helps save money and reduced returned mail.
  • Convert rural routes to street addresses.
  • Maintain file integrity; helps to keep your address file as accurate as possible.
  • Correct addresses increase response rates.
  • Update addresses of those people or businesses on your database that have recently moved.
  • Standardize addresses to make your databases more deliverable.

Learn more about® Postal Processing & Qualification.

Data Append & Reverse Append

Break through barriers to connect and captivate with our Append Services. We help you append data that is the most accurate & responsive in the industry. Leverage our data to engage via email, postal, at work, at home, social networks and more with® Email Append, Phone Append, Postal Append, Name Append & Reverse Append services. Enable multi-channel marketing, increase revenues with greater digital reach, improve customer service & retention, and reduce your marketing costs. Learn more about® Data Append Services.

Other Data Enhancement Services include:

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