Data Analytics & Modeling

Increase your internal database effectiveness and boost your customer database sales with our Data Analytics and Enhancement Services.

Make informed decisions based on historical data with predictive modeling, machine learning and customer cloning tools from®.

Data Analytics

Have you ever wondered who your best customers are or even where the best place to locate your new storefront. Just think if you had detailed information about your competitors, what pockets of the population are under-served in your industry and what customers had the most money to spend. Wouldn’t that make your decisions a little easier?

That is exactly the type of information that can be extracted from® Business and Consumer data sets. In addition to triple-verifying our business data, we gather in-depth firmographics in our database. We have lifestyle characteristics, income and household data on our consumer file. The quality and depth of® files is outstanding.


Believe it or not, most marketers do not know their own “Sweet Spot” when it comes to maximizing their targeted marketing efforts. In addition, even the most obvious trend still does not reveal all of the true pockets of opportunity that exist.® can help.

We have perfected a very accurate and efficient Customer Acquisition/Cloning model that will show you a more effective prospecting strategy. Plus, it will increase response rates while decreasing marketing costs.

What is a Customer Acquisition / Cloning Model?

Simply put – We match your customers to our proprietary database(s). Using over 30 different demographic and geographic elements, we then take these matched records and perform a statistical analysis that result in 10 hierarchical rankings or “buckets”. These “buckets” can then be used to increase the ROI of your marketing by targeting your BEST prospects which are “clones” of your customers! You mail less and make more!

Data Enhancement Services

Customer List Validation & Enhancement | Learn more
Are you maximizing the potential of your customer files? Need to produce more sales? It’s time to “mine” your files for the gold within.

Find more prospects that match the profile of your existing customers and add these new prospects to your CRM system. Enhancing your customer file with demographics, psychographics, and firmographics helps you develop your targeting criteria to expand your market.

Postal Processing | Learn more
National Change of Address (NCOA)
Keep your customer files up-to-date with the most recent addresses.® helps you find out which customers (residential or businesses) have moved and updates your files accordingly. Improve deliverability with an accurate mailing list. And, take advantage of cost savings with substantial discounts from the US Postal Service.

Delivery Sequence File (DSF)
The US Postal Service database contains information on all 155 million delivery points in the U.S. and is updated monthly. The DSF process evaluates the accuracy of each address in your database and can provide more enhanced delivery point-specific information for better delivery.

Locatable Address Conversion System (LACS)
This US Postal Service database contain over 5 million addresses that have been converted for 911 emergency purposes and include both rural route-to-street and street-to-street address information to improve subsequent address hygiene and match rates.

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Data Cleansing Services

Data Hygiene Services | Learn more® Data Hygiene services give you a clean list. Understanding Data Hygiene and the importance of removing bad list data from your customer files is essential in order to maintain your brand’s reputation.

Email Hygiene is the process of removing bad email accounts from your email files, which is essential in order to maintain high deliverability rates and a positive digital reputation. Learn more about Email List Cleansing & Hygiene Services.

Address Hygiene services cleanse addresses in your file, so you have the correct contact information. Wrong address data can diminish your marketing returns, your knowledge about your prospects or customers, and even your cash flow when promotional material and invoices don’t reach them!® works with the US Postal System address database, giving you the most recent address information. Learn more about the Postal Processing Services we offer.

Data Merge/Purge | Learn more
Control costs and save time by ensuring your database is free of duplicate names. Our merge/purge service eliminates duplicates so you don’t waste money mailing to the same customers or prospects more than once. You improve deliverability and increase your lead generation efforts by targeting new, unique prospects, not repeat ones.

Data Suppression & Customization | Learn more
When you simply don’t want certain customer segments to be included in a mailing or special promotion, you need to suppress them from your mailing. has the experience and tools to take your customer lists and remove them from any new promotional mailings, saving you the additional postal costs and making sure you don’t promote the wrong message to your existing customer base.

Custom Data Collection

Custom Surveys — Closed-end telephone surveys can serve to identify high-value sales targets, or to get feedback on concepts or ideas. The® research team uses 100% U.S. based with native English speakers with no international call lag pauses or language difficulties. Because our calls are short information gathering calls with no sales components, we have a high call acceptance rate.

Our call team can provide the specialized business information you need. From information about technology platforms, to interest in special services, or even custom verification, we can meet your needs.

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Do Not Call Lists

Be sure to conform to today’s Federal and State legislation by avoiding phone calls to those who have registered on Do Not Call (DNC) lists.® processes your data against the national DNC registry and flags those contacts on your list. Rest assured that you not only comply with regulations, but save valuable time by contacting only those people who want to hear from you.

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