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Get MORE from your Customer and Prospect Files with Our Database Services

Are you maximizing the potential of your customer files? Need to produce more sales? It’s time to “mine” your files for the gold within.

In today’s market, having names and addresses is not enough. Your list becomes more valuable by adding details that help you speak directly to your customers’ needs. At® we go to work for you, helping your business grow with our database services.

List Enhancement Services

Is your Customer List simply an accounting log of names and addresses? To do some real in-depth marketing, you need more detailed information to further segment and target your best performing customers.® can help by adding valuable information to your customer files.

If your Customers are Businesses

We can add Number of Employees, Sales Volume, Credit Capacity, SIC Code, fax number, e-mail address and more. Access detailed information about companies who have more money to spend, a higher credit capacity and higher sales volume. Wouldn’t that make your decision making a little easier?

If your Customers are Consumers

We can add Age, Income, Home Value, Ethnicity, Presence of Children, Marital Status, Date of Birth and many other lifestyle attributes. We gather in-depth firmograph information through our consumer and homeowner database. We have consumer lifestyle characteristics, income and household data in our consumer database. No one can match the quality or depth of’s files. This added “knowledge” gives you the edge when it comes to marketing “smart” to your customers and being able to grow your sales.