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pet owners list, pet owner mailing list, pet owners databasePet Ownership is at an all time high. Sixty-eight percent of American households own a pet. It’s well known that pet owners spend thousands of dollars every year on their beloved Fido and Mittens.  Grab this market by the leash, and contact for your pet owners marketing list!

You can use various selection criteria to narrow down your pet owners list. These selections can help you focus your marketing efforts to find the purrfect mailing list.

Pet owner selections include:

Home Ownership: We can help you create a list of homeowners with pets. You can also select your pet owners list by home value range.

Type of Pet: Choose between “dog” owners and “cat” owners.

Territory or Market Area: Select by state, county, metropolitan area (MSA), ZIP Code, radius around an address and, of course, the entire United States. 

Income Level You can select by appropriate income levels that match your businesses target demographic.

You can select your pet owner sales leads and mailing list by grouping age demographics. For example: you can narrow down your list by looking for consumers who are between the ages of 25-35. If you know your target demographic, this selection can be very helpful.

Additional Mailing Lists

Growing your sales means finding the right gems in your market – the prospects who are ready to buy. You help us build the search criteria from the beginning.  We offer hundreds of lists with a vast array of search criteria selections, and each one is unique. Target your target audience with DatabaseUSA.com® marketing mailing lists.

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