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National Change of Address (NCOA)

Keep your customer files up-to-date with the most recent addresses.® helps you find out which customers (residential or businesses) have moved and updates your files accordingly. Improve deliverability with an accurate mailing list. And, take advantage of cost savings with substantial discounts from the US Postal Service.

Delivery Sequence File (DSF)

The US Postal Service database contains information on all 155 million delivery points in the U.S. and is updated monthly. The DSF process evaluates the accuracy of each address in your database and can provide more enhanced delivery point-specific information for better delivery.

Locatable Address Conversion System (LACS)

This US Postal Service database contain over 5 million addresses that have been converted for 911 emergency purposes and include both rural route-to-street and street-to-street address information to improve subsequent address hygiene and match rates.

List Suppression

When you simply don’t want certain customer segments to be included in a mailing or special promotion, you need to suppress them from your mailing. has the experience and tools to take your customer lists and remove them from any new promotional mailings, saving you the additional postal costs and making sure you don’t promote the wrong message to your existing customer base.


Control costs and save time by ensuring your database is free of duplicate names. Our merge/purge service eliminates duplicates so you don’t waste money mailing to the same customers or prospects more than once.  You improve deliverability and increase your lead generation efforts by targeting new, unique prospects, not repeat ones.