Data Hygiene Services

What is Data Hygiene?

Data hygiene is the process of removing bad list data from customer files. Data hygiene is essential in order to maintain high deliverability rates and a positive reputation.

Email Hygiene

Email hygiene is the process of removing bad email accounts from your email files, which is essential in order to maintain high deliverability rates and a positive digital reputation. Learn more about® Email List Cleansing & Hygiene Services.

list hygieneAddress Hygiene

Wrong address data can diminish your marketing returns, your knowledge about your prospects or customers, and even your cash flow when promotional material and invoices don’t reach them! Cleanse addresses so you have the correct contact information.® works with the US Postal System address database, giving you the most recent address information so you can have confidence in your customer or prospect database.

The importance of maintaining your reputation.

Data hygiene will help your brand maintain a positive reputation among consumers, as well as among email hosts. Sending to non-existent addresses or to spam folders is very damaging to your brand and IP reputation. When you damage your IP reputation, deliverability among email hosts decreases.

Learn more about how® Data Enhancement Solutions can help your brand maintain a clean reputation.

Verify – Clean – Enhance
Web Form Submissions in Real Time!

The API will perform real-time data validation, hygiene, and enhancement and append enhanced data your marketing team can work with. Enriching your list with consumer demographic or business firmographic data helps you create a more personalized experience for leads. Fill out the form on this page and we’ll set you up with a FREE TRIAL that includes technical support to implement our API into your website. provides real-time data enhancement services for both business and residential leads to boost the results with the information you need to effectively react to new submissions. With one API call, you have access to:

  • Email Verification: Stop invalid, fraudulent and malicious emails from getting on your email list. Fix data entry errors and salvage leads.
  • Address Verification/Append: Add names and postal addresses for direct marketing.
  • Telephone Verification/Append: Validate quality of phone number at submission and know if the number is business, residential, or mobile. Append phone if you have business name/zip code or residential name/zip code.
  • Consumer demographic Intelligence: Enhance your lead form database with demographic, interest and purchase data, such as gender, age, income, donor history and more.
  • Business demographic Intelligence: Enhance your lead form database with business prospect firmographic data such as size of the business, annual revenue, industry (SIC/NAICS), years in business, corporate family tree, executive names, titles, and many more.

The API also supports postal and phone validation and enhancement. Integrating it into your website is quick and easy, and response times are sub-second.

Want to see how easy it is? Check out the Documentation of the DatabaseUSA API Service that provides sample requests and responses you can use. You may also want to provide the API Implementation Guide to your technical resource if you are ready to try it!

  • Implement our API
  • Pass as much as you know about your prospect: Name, Address, Phone, Email
  • Instantly receive validated and enhanced information!
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reporting and Analytics

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