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Why Choose Email Marketing?email marketing benefits

Email is the fastest growing direct marketing channel and is the most affordable form of direct marketing available today. Email marketing is an exponentially better way to track sales and user engagement, plus, email offers the ability to connect with customers through newsletters, loyalty programs and sales.

Targeted Audience — Improve ROI

Maximize your marketing efforts and optimize your email campaign by marketing to a targeted audience. Our team works with you to ensure that you market the most relevant content to the most relevant prospects, so you can minimize your spend and maximize your ROI.® helps you tailor your list helping you reach the audience that matters to you most.

Email marketing puts you in control of who sees your message. Email leads will never be stagnant. Digital contact information is ever changing & constantly updated.® harnesses this asset to digital data using analytics & modeling to determine the most up-to-date status of your leads. Improve your ROI by marketing to an audience specific list, because finding the right prospects is the most effective way to make a return on your marketing investment.

5 Email Marketing Benefits

  • Target your audience with your email marketing campaign.
  • Increase your brand awareness with email marketing.
  • Emails can be shared with friends — allowing you to increase your audience & maximize your reach.
  • Use email metrics & analytics as a tool to gather information for your next campaign.
  • Email marketing is cost effective, minimize your spend & increase your ROI.

Email Marketing Starter Kit
The Email Starter Kit provides a low cost, trackable and quick to organize solution for email marketing campaigns. This email marketing starter kit provides everything you’ll need to deliver a fantastic email campaign. It’s simple and is offered at a low introductory cost.

  • Up to 5,000 business or consumer sales leads
  • A custom email design
  • Email deployment to your targeted list
  • A report of your campaign soon after it has been sent
  • List of responders to your campaign

Does not include the 500 Free Name Offer

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