Email Sending & Deployment Services® provides an all in one solution for your email marketing needs.

Deployment & Sending Servicesemail sending services® offers a total email marketing solution including email sending & deployment, creative & design services and email campaign analytics. Our expert email team works with you to develop a customized, well-designed email marketing campaign. Learn more about Email Marketing Solutions. Simply fill out the web form and one of our email marketing experts will contact you within minutes.

How Does It Work?® builds your email marketing campaigns seamlessly. We design the email based on your specifications and deploy your campaign. Offload your email marketing to create a frustration-free campaign, with the use of powerful segmentations, and actionable analytics. We validate your email addresses before we send.

Bounce fewer emails and improve your sending reputation.

  • No design experience or coding required. We will do all of the work for you.
  • Choose when your email is sent.
  • Direct your visitors to your site, or to a custom landing page.
  • We monitor your campaign’s performance.
  • We provide you with all of your email analytics including open rates, clicks, responders and more.

*We can design and distribute surveys and collect actionable insights in real time!

Engage and retain your customers through various types of email marketing. We will send your promotional emails, newsletters, product announcements, sales alerts, re-engagement campaigns, welcome series emails, and more. Our designs are mobile-friendly and look great on a tablet, phone or desktop device.

Email Campaigns include a responders file of all who’ve opened, read, clicked or forwarded your email. The responders file contains complete contact information – and the responders are ranked by the number of clicks. So now you know who to contact first!

Email Marketing Starter Kit

The Email Starter Kit provides a low cost, trackable and quick to organize solution for email marketing campaigns. This email marketing starter kit provides everything you’ll need to deliver a fantastic email campaign. It’s simple and is offered at a low introductory cost.

  • Up to 5,000 business or consumer sales leads
  • A custom email design
  • Email deployment to your targeted list
  • A report of your campaign soon after it has been sent
  • List of responders to your campaign® Expert Email Team

The® email campaign management experts are happy to walk you through the process of cleaning your customer emails, creating an email design, linked content, email deployment, and campaign analytics & statistics. From subject lines to mobile friendly/responsive design,® provides an all in one solution for your email marketing needs.

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