Aircraft Owners Mailing List

Aircraft Owners Mailing List
Aircraft Owners – Pilots control the flight of an aircraft. Other members involved in the aircraft industry are aircrew members, such as navigators, flight engineers, flight attendants, aircraft mechanics and ground crews.

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Mailing Lists Selections by Category of Aircraft

    • Amphibian
    • Land
    • Sea

Selections Available for Aircraft Owners include:

    • Balloon
    • Blimp/Dirigible
    • Fixed Wing Multil Engine
    • Fixed Wing Single Engine
    • Glider
    • Gyroplane
    • Powered Parachute
    • Rotocraft
    • Weight Shift Control

Selections Available by Type of Registrant include:

    • Co-Owner Non-U.S. Citizen
    • Co-Ownership
    • Corporation Non-U.S. Citizen
    • Corporation
    • Government
    • Individual
    • Partnership

Additional Information Where Available

    • Number of PCs
    • Square Footage
    • Annual Office Equipment Expenses
    • Annual Rental Expenses
    • Annual Accounting Expenses
    • Utilities Expenses Per Year
    • Legal Expenses Per Year
    • Technology Expenses Per Year
    • Business Insurance Expenses Per Year

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