Why Merge/Purge? purge data

Many times, data records come in multiple file forms or formats resulting in duplicates. Duplicate data can be costly.® Merge/Purge service helps you combine your data and merge records from one or multiple data sources into clean, concise data records.® knows your data needs a human touch.

We specialize in providing sophisticated and customized merge/purge services to help you improve your marketing and sales databases. It’s the combination of technology and expertise which maximizes our excellence in accurate data matching. Matching criteria is developed on a personalized project-by-project basis to yield the best results based on confidence scores and match rates defined for each project.

Don’t leave your data in the hands of a robot.® does not use a robot to Merge/Purge data, because we know your data is valuable and needs more than a simple data format. We know data solutions are not one-size-fits-all which is why we have the best human Merge/Purge processes in the industry.

Weed out dirty or irrelevant data to find real opportunities.® Data Enhancement Solutions help you remove bad or duplicate records, maximizing the value from your marketing spend. Injecting clean data gives you more of the right opportunities to pursue.

Learn more about® Data Cleansing Services.

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