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    Real Estate Agents Sales Leads® has the Best Real Estate Leads

    Real EstateIf you are looking to maximize the potential of your sales leads, then our database can help.® has accurate and up-to-date mailing, calling, and spam free email lists for the real estate industry.® gives you the ability to do a radius search around a location. Likewise, you are able to search by state to see if there are any new movers who may be looking to purchase Real Estate. With our database, you are also able to search by number of residents in a household and also if there is a presence of children to help you specify what size of Real Estate they may need.

    By offering comprehensive data on each and every business,® strives to give you the best data in the country. Our data is triple-verified to ensure your real estate agent leads connect you with the right prospects.

    Information for Real Estate Agents works with many real estate companies to provide them with consumer lists including telemarketing lists and mailing lists. We understand how important it is to your company to have reliable sales leads. We have specialty lists including new movers lists, recently married, recently divorced, and new homeowners.

    Leads for Real Estate Agents and Realtors

    • Real Estate Developers
    • Contractors
    • Real Estate Brokers
    • Rental Agencies

    Business Leads Selections
    Search by business mailing list selects which include:

    • Type of Business
    • Square Footage
    • Sales Volume
    • Employee Size

    Type of Business: You can select any type of business or combination of several titles for your list.

    Square Footage: Select different businesses based on the size of the building by using total square footage ranges.

    Sales Volume: Pinpoint your potential sales leads by selecting estimated sales volume.

    Employee Size The Employee Size also can determine the buying power of a business. Select your sales leads using employee size ranges.

    Consumer and Residential Lists

    Choose from hundreds of search criteria including:

    • Home Value
    • # in Household
    • Presence of Children
    • Household Size
    • Home Sale Date
    • Length of Residence
    • Single/Multi Family
    • Lifestyle Select
    • PLUS – Many More!

    Home Value: Target your audience with home value selections. The value of a prospect’s home is an excellent predictor of their ability to buy.

    Length of Residence: The longer someone has lived in a house, the more they will spend on remodeling, repair, maintenance, new furniture, lawn care, landscaping and much more. Also, length of residence is a good indicator of economic stability.

    Household Size: The number of people in a household can be used for targeting the right message to the right prospects, helping to create just the right homeowners mailing list.

    Presence of Children: There are a lot of expenses associated with raising a child, money that simply has to be spent. From diapers to degrees, toddler toys to computer games, toy drums to violin lessons, homeowners with children are ready to give their kids the things they need to succeed.