Sales Lead Selections® helps you reach your target market and connect with the right prospects.

Tailor your list with selection criteria.

Tailor your list to meet your specific marketing needs with our sophisticated new database features & selections. We walk you through our selection criteria so you can target your ideal prospects.® compiles up-to-date mailing lists, calling lists, and business lists and hosts one of the only Triple Verified Business Databases in the market place today.

Target Businesses with Business Sales Lead Selects including..

    • New Selects Available
    • Multiple Executives
    • Number of PCs
    • Square Footage
    • Advertising Expense per Year
    • Technology Expense per Year
    • Office Equipment Expense per Year
    • Rent Expense per Year
    • Telecom Expense per Year
    • Accounting Expense per Year
    • Business Insurance Expense per Year
    • Legal Expense per Year
    • Utilities Expense per Year
    • Consumer Leads List Selections:

Target Consumers with Consumer Sales Lead Selects:

homeowner sales leadsTerritory or Market Area

You can select any territory you need: for example, select by state, county, metropolitan area (MSA), Zip Code, radius around an address and, of course, the entire United States.


Sales leads selections are available by age groupings; such as consumers between 25 – 50 years old.

Income Level

You can select by appropriated income levels; such as consumers with annual income over $100,000 per year.

Home Value/Home Ownership

Sales leads selections are available by home value range, such as consumers with home values between $250,000 and $500,000. You can also select by length of residence.


Multiple selections available to fit your businesses marketing needs.


Hundreds of selections available… Golfers, Pet Owners, Hunters, Boat Owners, RV Owners and many more!

Complex Selections

Selections can be made by multiple lifestyle and demographics selections combined. Choose the complex selections that best work for your marketing plan.

New Selections include…

    • Actual Home Values
    • Updated Household Income
    • Date of Birth
    • Discretionary Spending
    • Unsecured Credit Capacity
    • Estimated New Worth
    • Donor Capacity
    • Plus, many more.

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