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    Try 100 Names Free® offers the most accurate & up-to-date marketing lists available.

    Business Database

    15 Million Businesses Database | Learn More

    The® Businesses Database is the only 95% Accurate & Triple Verified Database available. With databases of over 15 Million Businesses, 10.5 Million Small Businesses, 27 Million Executives & 6 Million Professionals,® compiles the most comprehensive & up-to-date information.
    Offering over 40,000+ New Businesses per week,® helps you get fresh leads to drive more sales.

    • Employee Size – 96%
    • Phone Number – 91%
    • Address – 93%
    • SIC Code – 100%
    • Contact Names – 79%
    • Website – 93%

    Consumer and Homeowner Database

    245 Million Consumers & 150 Million Homeowners Database | Learn More

    Our Consumer Database was created to provide a comprehensive range of information that is selectable to your particular needs. With over 245 Million Consumers and 150 Million+ Homeowners.
    This valuable file allows you to refine your leads by hundreds of different selection criteria such as:

      • Geography
      • Marital Status
      • Ethnicity
      • # in Household
      • Children
      • Home Value
      • Home Sale Date
      • Length of Residence
      • Single/Multi-Family
      • Lifestyle Selects
      • Pet Owners
      • Donors
      • Mail Order Buyers
      • Plus Many More

    New Businesses & New Homeowners Database

    40,000+ New Businesses per week! | Learn More

    New Businesses need you! The start up phase of a new business is a busy time. They’re looking to establish relationships with reliable vendors and require a variety of services & products on a day-to-day basis. Learn more about® New Business Lists with over 40,000 New Businesses per week!

    60,000+ New Homeowners week! | Learn More

    When people buy new homes they spend a lot of money on decorations, new furniture, electronics, appliances, landscaping, insurance and home improvement services. Learn more about the® New Homeowner Mailing Lists — updated weekly!

    Complete the form or call us at 877-831-0101 for more information on the® 100 Names Free Offer!