Email Append & Reverse Email Append

Email Append

Add Email Addresses to Your Customer Database & Prospect Databases. Enhance your direct mail list with consumer or business executive emails to accelerate your email marketing.’s Email Append service attaches business and consumer email addresses to postal records, keeping you in touch with direct mail subscribers.

With Email Appending, You Can: Enable multi-channel marketing, increase revenues with greater email reach, improve customer service and retention, and reduce direct mail costs.

50 Million Executive Emails & 500 Million Consumer Emails. With our in-house email database of more than 300 million unique names, postal addresses and opt-in email addresses, we help organizations append data that is the most accurate and responsive in the industry.

Email Reverse Append & Enhancement

Match Names and Addresses to 35-50% of Your Email List. With Reverse Email Append, you’ll be able to segment your email customers by location and market to them via direct mail. Target and reach customers with personalized messages when you have a name, age, income, home value, and lifestyle information. Find alternate points of contact, including postal and social media.

Why Choose Email Append & Reverse Append Services?
With e-mail serving as one of today’s most cost-effective marketing tools, it’s vital for your business to have e-mail addresses for your customers. While you may have a strong customer file of names, addresses and phone numbers, you could be missing e-mail addresses. When that’s the case,® can help.

Our expert team takes your current customers’ information and locates their e-mail addresses. Then, you’ll have an efficient, fast and economical way to communicate with them.

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