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Email Append & Reverse Email Append

With e-mail serving as one of today’s most cost-effective marketing tools, it’s vital for your business to have e-mail addresses for your customers. While you may have a strong customer file of names, addresses and phone numbers, you could be missing e-mail addresses. Learn more about® Email Append Services.

Phone Append & Reverse Phone Append

Do you have a complete list of names and addresses, but are missing up-to-date phone numbers? Learn more about our® Phone Append Services. Use Reverse Phone Append when you have phone numbers, but aren’t sure who the numbers belong to. We provide you with the corresponding name and address information.

Do Not Call/Scrubbing: We can scrub consumer telephone numbers against the National Do Not Call list as well as any state specific Do Not Call lists so you are fully compliant with the applicable statutes and laws.

Postal Address Append

The addition of your customer’s postal records can convert single-channel customers to valuable multi-channel customers, merge records and transaction histories of your email and postal files, and target advertising to customers and prospects via zip codes. Learn more about® Postal Append Services.

Name Append

With our in-house email database of more than 300 million unique names, postal addresses and opt-in email addresses, we help organizations append data that is one of the most accurate and responsive in the industry. Our expert team takes the data you have, and locates their additional forms of contact information – giving you an efficient, fast and economical way to communicate with them.

Learn more about our Append Services & Data Enhancement including:

Learn more about our Data Enhancement & Data Cleansing Services including:

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