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Personalization Makes an Attractive Email® knows how email marketing personalization helps you stand out in the email inbox crowd.

Personalized Email Marketing

marketing personalizationWhen it comes to growing your business, email marketing is the one of the most cost-effective tactics to achieve successful results. This essential marketing tool is one of the speediest methods to get your marketing message in front of your potential audience, whether potential or past customers. According to Campaign Monitor, “…email marketing is the king of the marketing kingdom.

However, one of the keys to a successful email marketing campaign is personalization. Personalized emails are six times more likely to be have engagement. Those with a personalized subject line are 26% more likely to be opened (Campaign Monitor).

There is a multitude of personalized email marketing methods your business can take to successfully connect with your audience. Below are several examples: (

  1. Newsletters – One of the most popular approaches to email marketing campaigns, newsletters are an effective tactics to educate your customers about your business. If you want your newsletter to be read, consider the follow publishing guidelines:
    • Relevancy – Is the newsletter content of value to your potential customer?
    • Consistency – Is your newsletter being published on a timely basis? Consistency boosts credibility.
    • Design – Is the newsletter’s appearance eye-catching, easy to read, and consistent with the look of your business (logo, web design, etc.)
  2. Online Magazines – Typically, these magazines are online versions of traditional print magazines (i.e. Huffington Post). However, some are smaller, specialized magazines Epublished online for a niche audience or topic. To maintain your reader’s attention, like newsletters, online magazines need to follow the previously mentioned publishing guidelines.
  3. Targeted Emails – This is one of the most suitable approaches to maximize your email marketing strategy, and connect with a particular demographic (age, gender, location). Targeted emails help your business to connect with the customers you want to reach, and filter out those you do not.

When creating an email marketing campaign, there is a wide variety of email messages your business can utilize to connect with your potential customers. Each one can be beneficial to growing your business, educating your audience, and expanding your client database. Examples include:

  • Welcome Emails
  • Promotional Campaigns
  • Triggered Emails
  • Post-Purchase Emails
  • Abandoned Cart Email
  • Re-engagement Marketing Emails
  • Connect through Social Campaign

Besides reaching a wider audience, another email marketing perk is maintaining control over timing. Rather than just sending random emails to customers, through email marketing automation your business can set specific times and details as to when your email message is sent (

By using these email marketing strategies, your business has a multitude of opportunities to increase brand recognition, grow your business, and save money while connecting with a larger target market.

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