3 Solid Ways to Get Emails of Businesses

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3 Solid Ways to Get Emails of Businesses to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

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Emails are one of the most professional and personal ways to reach other businesses, consumers, and leads. That is why 86% of B2B professionals prefer to communicate over email for business purposes, and nearly 60% of B2B marketers claim to benefit the most from email marketing carried after creating an accurate email mailing list. However, finding the emails of businesses, especially active ones, is a hard nut to crack. Even if you have the company’s name and address, you are likely to struggle with getting hands on its email address.

Here are a few ways that can help you find almost every business’s email address for your outreach marketing strategy:


Get help from database providers.

One of the fastest ways to get access to the mailing list of businesses that you want to reach is through business database providers. They have databases of millions of businesses, gathered through extensive market research and analysis, ready to be served to you to boost your marketing efforts. However, it’s vital that you contact a reliable database provider who has an accurate business database, including e mails of businesses . For the best data providers, make sure the data is triple-verified using yellow page data, telephone verification, and company websites.

Use social media.

Social media is what the name suggests — social. If you don’t have an email of the businesses that you want to contact but are connected on social media, such as Instagram, Linkedin, and Facebook, don’t hesitate to send them a direct message asking about their email to reach out with your proposal or services. Social media is also great to nurture relationships with them, provided your message doesn’t seem like a sales pitch.

Subscribe to the company’s mailing list.

Most companies send newsletters to their customers to keep them updated about their services and products. You can also request to be added to their mailing list and receive emails from them, which may get you their email address. Though it may not get you the email of the owner of the company, it may provide you a way to get more information and send your proposal.

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