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How do political campaigns & marketers keep up with them?

The millennial generation is now over 75 million people and they make up nearly 25% of the total U.S. population and 30 percent of the voting age population.® found that over 22% of people moving within the same state in 2018 were millennial. Millennial movers represented an additional 5% of moves that were out-of-state.

While many marketers may think that they can best influence millennial voters and buyers online, there is tremendous value in knowing where millennials live.

“Most sophisticated marketers append terrestrial demographics to their prospect and customer files to build models that allow them to create messaging by audience segments”, said Erich Kaiser, V.P. of Data Enhancement Services for

“ is getting significantly more requests to append address, demographic, and phone data to client’s house files of customers and prospects. Having the proper address allows marketers to know their prospect’s age, income, political affiliation, and lifestyle data needed to build such models.”

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