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Pro Email Marketing Tips

Following these few steps can ensure that the delivery of your email is successful.

email marketing tipsEnsure Deliverability

Every day an average 269 billion emails are sent and received – some personal, some business, some otherwise. For companies electing to participate in email marketing campaigns to acquire potential customers, it’s imperative to seek the best approach to ensure your email is delivered.

There are several steps you can take to ensure that the delivery of your email is successful. Here are a few professional tips from our email marketing team to help you with your email deliverability.
Scrub & Enhance Your Database to Increase Email Conversions
Did you know that up to 34% of email addresses become outdated each year? This can be attributed to job changes, job promotions, unused email accounts and name changes. When you enhance your file against a vendor’s database, they will “scrub” or remove these outdated emails furnish you with the new emails that your customers are currently utilizing. Enhancement service also provide your business with additional information about the customers you already have in your email list. Find information about your customers like age, income, home value etc. to further benefit your targeting efforts and help you create more curated content for your email marketing campaigns.
Segmenting Past Customers
For customers familiar with your business, break down your list into clumps or segments. You can define these segments however you think will be most effective. You can do this with past products purchased, web pages visited, abandoned shopping carts or demographic selects. By taking these steps, past customers will be encouraged to open emails from your marketing campaign and hopefully, make future purchases from your company.
Acquisition Email Targeting
Connect with people you believe are likely to purchase or interact with your brand, even if they’ve never bought your product before. You can purchase a targeted list of prospects who would likely be interested in the products your company markets. With the purchase of an acquisition list, you have the ability to target your ideal customer in many ways.
Typically, you must determine if your customer is classified as “consumer or business” to build your ideal list:

  • Consumer selections include geographic area, age, home ownership, home value, annual income, presence of children, pet ownership etc.
  • Business selections include geographic area, number of employees, years in business, annual revenue, square footage etc.

1.) Subject Lines — Once you have narrowed your focus to a target audience, make sure your email subject line piques your customer’s attention. To successfully make this happen, optimize the language within your email subject line and email text. Examples of optimization include the following:

  • Avoid excessive usage of capitalized letters, exclamation marks, or dollar signs – to avoid having your email sent straight to directly to a SPAM or trash folder.
  • Use subtle, targeted language to engage your reader. Consider the who, what, when, and where when it comes to your potential customer.
  • Next, consider the angle of approach and tone of your subject line to entice your audience. Use power words to grab their attention (such as “exclusive” or “special update” or “breaking news”).

2.) Types of Emails — When creating the email itself, consider the type of email you are sending to your customers. Here are just a few examples and statistics based on information from (Oberlo):

  • Personalized emails:The average open rate is 50% higher for emails with personalized subject lines
  • Welcome Emails: More than 82% of emails are opened.
  • Promotional Emails: Over 49% of customers prefer to receive promotional emails from preferred brands.
  • Interactive Emails: Adding sliders, collapsible menus, and/or GIFs, significantly increases click rates. Plus, since 49% of all emails are opened using cell phones, tablets, etc., ensure your interactive emails are optimized for mobile devices.

CAN-SPAM Compliance
Refusal to comply with CAN-SPAM act through commercial emailing will result in hefty fines for your family (more than $40,000) per each violating email. To avoid these costly, errors, make sure to follow the following guidelines: (HARO)

  • Do not use deceptive misleading header information or subject lines
  • Make sure to include your name, address and contact email to all emails sent out
  • Make sure to include an opt-out requests for customers
  • Make sure to include your name, address and contact email to all emails sent out.

By implementing these steps, your email marketing campaign has the potential to successfully grab your customers’ attention and result in overall higher deliverability, open and click through rates.

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