Step Up Your Email Marketing Game

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Step Up Your Email Marketing Game!

A Handful of Tips from® Email Expertsstep up your email marketing

Every business, marketing consultant and individual has their own toolbox of tips, tricks, and strategies to get more value from their email marketing efforts. While many of these figurative toolboxes are unique, most of them likely contain a few basic strategies that everyone can use to consistently craft high-quality email marketing campaigns.

Answer the Call

Every proper piece of persuasive writing or speech contains a call-to-action. Make sure to keep your call-to-action short, sweet and to the point. Ideally, you should be able to squeeze in your call-to-action above the fold, which means that recipients should not have to scroll down to view the call-to-action.

T.L.D.R. “Too long, didn’t read”

While some email recipients actually enjoy reading long marketing emails, most customers don’t. You should always aim to write short, clear and concise marketing emails if you want your potential customers to actually read them.

One is the Loneliest Number.

While it’s never a good idea to bombard prospects and customers on your e-mail list with countless email marketing campaigns, you should send out a new email once a week. Consistency is key when it comes to succeeding in email marketing. One email every 6 months just isn’t going to cut it.

Just say “no” to overused advertising lingo.

Don’t throw phrases like ‘save big’ or ‘get fast cash now’ around in your email campaigns. It’s unnatural and impersonal. Nobody spouts these type of catch phrases during their everyday life. Neither should your emails.

Boost Your Outreach!

Try these creative avenues to attract sign-ups for your email marketing:

  • Social — Whether it be an Instagram “story” or Facebook “viewing party”, use these free social media tools to your advantage. Promote your product, offer a free trial, communicate in real-time with prospects who are interested in what you are selling. Create viewing parties and stories to drive prospects to your site or to sign up for email newsletters or future updates and events.
  • Case Studies & Whitepapers — Get more email ‘sign ups’ by writing compelling case studies and whitepapers. This is a great way to write about marketing insights in your chosen industry. Whitepapers and case studies are in-depth reports that talk about a specific topic. Social media is a great place to spread your whitepaper. Users download your whitepaper once they submit their email.
  • Online Courses & Webinars — Having a series of several webinars is another way for content to be distributed and attract a new email audience. You can use webinars to give expert tips and advice. Prompt prospects to ‘sign up’ via email to take your online course or workshop where they’ll learn about the topic in depth. It’s a simple way for users to receive updates for future courses. Webinars can be promoted via social through viewing parties and stories as well!

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