The Numbers are in for Email Marketing

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The Numbers are in for Email Marketing

47% of users open an email after reading its subject marketing stats

It is understandable as to why a subject line would be a considerable factor for folks opening an email.
Mobile email apps and desktop notifications make it a cinch to access previews before you open your email. If your email app or desktop notifications are anything like mine, the subject line and sender are the two items that show in your preview window when you get an email notification. People skim their emails before clicking.

It’s no surprise that those of us in marketing who routinely come up with these email subject lines must use a combination of creativity and data to make it sing to our audience. A/B testing subject lines is your creative validation as well as your strategic planning. Use open rates as an indicator for your best and most clickable subject line content.

Pro tip: The Open Rate is a percentage, calculated by dividing the number of email messages opened by the total number of email messages sent. This excludes emails that have bounced.

49% of emails are opened using a mobile device. (IBM)

Our phones are always with us. It makes sense that emails are opened with our phones half of the time. What does this mean for you? It means that when designing an email, it must look as good on a cell phone as it does on a laptop, tablet, or desktop. When designing emails for mobile devices there are some mobility issues that are relatively common to watch out for.

  • Touchable elements like links being too small or too close to each other to easily click on
  • Long load times for videos or images within the email
  • Landing pages with mobility issues including speed and/or loading problems
  • Font sizes being too small.

Emails with personalized content receive an average open rate of 18%.

Check out all of these examples of emails with personalized or tailored content.

  1. Abandoned cart emails — Your customer put it in their cart, but life took them elsewhere at that moment and they did not finish their transaction. Shoot them an email to remind them that the item(s) they added to their cart are still available and waiting for them.
  2. Emails with your user’s name in the body copy and or the subject line — Hello Leila, we’ve missed you! Come back and shop with us and don’t forget to take 20% off your next purchase.
  3. Emails with tailored “picks” that your customer may like — Hello Leila, we think you’d love some handpicked items from our new fall line. We’ve picked them out, just for you. Click here and see what we’ve put together for you.
  4. Content or items that a specific customer “liked” or “viewed”

Do you use personalized content in your email marketing?

Segmented email marketing campaigns get 14.31% more email opens.

When you divide your audience based on certain key characteristics, you can personalize your campaigns. This has been proven to increase the chances of conversions as opposed to a general campaign that targets all of your customers in the exact same way. Not only does it make your campaigns more cost-effective and efficient, but it also reduces some of the risks associated with broad-based campaigns. Check out our blog post on customer segmentation and learn how to enable this approach.

The average open rate for a “welcome email” is 82%?

Making a great first impression is important for a brand’s connection with future customers. Make your welcome email friendly and simple. Don’t forget to personalize your welcome email with the recipient’s name. Use your content and images or video to create the impression of a one-on-one conversation with your potential new customer. Landing pages should be clear and easy to navigate and offer buying options and an introductory offer if applicable.

For every $1 spent on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42. (DMA)

We all know that ROI is what makes or breaks a marketing campaign. A well designed and targeted email campaign can actually be one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies available. More so than social media campaigns, AdWords, and even website SEO. Especially during this pandemic, email has been an effective way to communicate and sell to customers who are looking to shop online.

Use these tips from the experts in email marketing to better target your campaigns, create better landing pages, attract more conversions by maximizing your campaigns.® offers a total email marketing solution including email sending & deployment, creative & design services and email campaign analytics. Our expert email team works with you to develop a customized, well-designed email marketing campaign. Learn more about Email Marketing Solutions. Simply fill out the web form and one of our email marketing experts will contact you within minutes.

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