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Data Supression

Sift through your list and send the right message to the right customer. When you simply don’t want certain customer segments to be included in a mailing or special promotion, you need to suppress them from your mailing. has the experience and tools to take your customer lists and remove them from any new promotional mailings, saving you the additional postal costs and making sure you don’t promote the wrong message to your existing customer base.

Data Customization Services

data suppression


Failing to eliminate duplicates from your mailings can be costly. Are you sending multiple copies to the same recipients because of unintended duplicates in your database? Our duplication removal process can eliminate wasteful bloat in your marketing spend.

It’s time to ‘”mine” your files for the gold within.

Further segment and target your best performing customers.® can help by adding valuable information to your customer files.

If your Customers are Businesses: We can add Number of Employees, Sales Volume, Credit Capacity, SIC Code, fax number, e-mail address and more.

If your Customers are Consumers: We can add Age, Income, Home Value, Ethnicity, Presence of Children, Marital Status, Date of Birth and many other lifestyle attributes.

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