Dust The Cobwebs Off Your Data

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Dust The Cobwebs Off Your Data

Article Author:   Conner Kaiser — Data Enhancement Specialist | DatabaseUSA.com®

One of the most important things you can do with your database is to clean it out.  Like your house, your data and customer database need ‘spring cleaning’ from time to time.  Some of the biggest problems we run into when performing hygiene services on client’s files is duplicates, not running your file through NCOA database frequently enough, and the need for address standardization.cob webs off your data

Duplicates are a costly mistake that can haunt your database and your bottom line.  Duplicates can occur for a multitude of reasons, for instance, the use of nicknames (Robert West and Bob West) or abbreviations (C Kaiser and Conner Kaiser).  However they sneak into your database, the duplicates we can identify add up to real money lost with efforts to market to these customers.

Nearly 40 million people in the US change their addresses each year.  To stay up to date and follow the USPS regulations you should run your file through an NCOA database within 95 days of sending out your mailers.  Here at DatabaseUSA.com® we have access to a 48 month NCOA database to get all of your customer’s addresses up to date to save you money on unnecessary returned mail.

Lastly, address standardization will make your database completely uniform when you are ready to mail out to your customers.  Our address standardization process converts street suffixes and secondary units to USPS approved abbreviations (Suite to STE, Drive to Dr, Boulevard to BLVD, etc), adds missing address elements like pre-directional and post directional abbreviation, zip4, and corrects minor address elements like # symbol to Apt or Unit.

Dust off that database, upgrade your marketing efforts, and maintain your database hygiene! Sift out all your dirty data, duplicates and out-dated information with DatabaseUSA.com® Database Services including Data Enhancement, Data Cleansing, Data Append Services and more!

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