Millennials and Direct Mail Marketing

Leila Vakili DatabaseUSA Services

As it turns out, Millennials love receiving mail. Not just birthday cards from grandma, but catalogs, coupons and even bills. Millennials and Direct Mail Marketing are key to driving success and effectively reaching the new generation. The study is forcing businesses to reexamine direct mail and how it can make …

Brand Loyalty Lies in Targeted Direct Mail Marketing

Janel Scott DatabaseUSA Services

A recent survey by Citipeak Productions determined that seven out of 10 consumers feel more loyal toward a brand after purchasing a product or service through a direct marketing approach. Nick Johnson, managing director of the firm, explained that this increased brand loyalty is a crucial objective for marketing strategies because it …

Direct Mail Marketing Tips for 2018

Janel Scott DatabaseUSA Services

Direct mail provides the opportunity to deliver highly-customizable and unique messages to customers and prospects. Overall, with the data that exists today, it is not difficult to create a marketing message that is targeted or personalized. There are many ways to develop and build relationships through direct mail. Applying a …

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