Direct Mail Marketing Tips for 2018

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Direct mail provides the opportunity to deliver highly-customizable and unique messages to customers and prospects. Overall, with the data that exists today, it is not difficult to create a marketing message that is targeted or personalized. There are many ways to develop and build relationships through direct mail. Applying a …

Digital Marketing Enhances Direct Mail Strategies

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Erica Bell, contributor for Business 2 Community, asserted that by investing in better integration of social media and other digital campaigns with direct mail efforts, companies can develop more targeted strategies. Bell explained that a direct mailing list already provides basic information about customers, including contact information and purchase history. By incorporating information from social …

Email Deliverability: A Guide to Email Marketing Best Practices

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Email deliverability can be a bit daunting at times. With email filtering obstacles and federal regulations, email marketing can seem complicated. However, avoiding these obstacles may be easier then you thought. Follow these simple email marketing rules from our® email team to ensure your email campaign recieves a positive …® Provides TomTom Access to Points of Interest Content

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OMAHA, NE –(Marketwired – September 21, 2015) –, the leading provider of full-service database and email marketing solutions for small businesses and sales people, today announced its partnership with TomTom, the world’s leading provider of location and navigation solutions. TomTom will have access to DatabaseUSA’s extensive business listings for …

6 Tips to Create a Great Email Campaign

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Creating a dialog has always been the best way businesses connect with new customers! An email is designed to do just that.  Here are 6 tips to create a GREAT email marketing campaign.  There are some best practices involved with email marketing. To read more about that topic click HERE. Ready to …